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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Collaborative Bike Ride 2009

Ok, so I've floated this idea to a few friends, and it seems like the time is right.

I've posted a couple ride videos here now (exhibit A, B or C), but I'm challenging people to do something similar. Whether it be a handlebar-mounted rig like I'm using, the camera dangling around your neck, or somebody else taping you, I'd love to use it in a collaborative bike-ride mashup.

It doesn't even have to be a bike. Just something human powered (tricycle, big-wheel, running, whatever)

So here's the challenge: Get me some footage by Labor Day (september 7, 2009), let me know what name to credit you under, and we'll have a ride for the summer (geographically and temporally somewhat distant)


Send submissions to ride2009@transiit.org (or links to clips from this summer on vimeo, blip.tv, youtube, etc.)

There is also now a Facebook Group for this.

And if you're on Twitter, it'd be nice if you'd post this link with the hashtag #collabbike


boo said...

Oh this sounds cool! There is also a group on Vimeo for cyclers. I bet some people there might be interested too.


I am tweeting you right now too. This is weird.

I am in btw.

thorn said...

Heyhey, fun idea! Don't think I have the budget to get my bike in working order, but I'm sure I could manage some foot travel.

transiit said...

@thorn Hey, foot travel works.

Actually, I'm thinking I'd like to do a music collaboration for the soundtrack if you're up for it. It'd be nice to have something completely original for this, and I think given a couple months bouncing ideas back and forth, we could probably come up with something, yeah?

thorn said...

Absolutely, I'd be up for a musical collaboration. Especially considering that after today, I'll be off work for about 3 weeks. Yeah, we should definitely be able to come up with something.

Jen said...

I love this idea! This was supposed to be the summer of buying a bike and going to Alaska, but it has become the summer of wedding stuff and dental crowns. Yeah. But foot travel I can do, and who knows, the bike may still be possible by Labor Day.

Old Grimy said...

nice. yeah i have filmed via bike before. right now i am fixing bikes and i am bikeless. but it shouldn't be too long before i am on bike again.