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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ok, so the camera mount I rigged up needs some serious re-engineering. There's a couple joints that become pretty fluid as soon as the vibration of being on the road is applied. I think a few small zip-ties and some electrical tape would fix that right up.

This is sort of a testament to how bad of shape I'm in. 3.5 miles and I was wiped.

By the time I got home it took about 10 minutes to start breathing normally. Was shaking from the exertion. Geez.

Anyhow, I may take a day or two off. Maybe a few lighter rides during the week after work. We'll see.


boo said...

Amping it up slowly is a good idea. Especially riding busy roads. The first time going down any is going to be harder because there is more to figure, but as things become predictable, it'll get easier and faster too.

I love the way you did this. If I did that on any ride it would be so boring with all country.

I rode 20/day about 4 times a week for 3 years and had an accident. I took 6 YEARS off. When I finally did go back I had to start waaay small and work up. Took 2 years to get to the 20-30/day 5-7 times a week in the summer. But now even having to walk half the year, I can go back to 20-30 a day in a week each season.

You keep at it and it will get so easy and very enjoyable too. I PROMISE!

stiill said...

Awesome. I love riding, even though I don't go far (15 minutes to/from work most of the time; a bit longer for exercise). I get bored with jogging, but cycling is fast enough that I can pop off my regular path and see some new shit.

For video, I have one of those little Flips, and their "action mount". It's basically a small piece of metal with the tripod screw, and some long straps with velcro that you can wind around in various ways. Here's a pic:

So, if the gorilla doesn't work, you could try just a tripod screw on something with enough room to attach some straps.

What was the music?

transiit said...

The music was a Defragmentation song (unsurprisingly called "Jesus was a robot") off the Pigface remix CD: "8-bit head: Pigface vs. Defrag"

I think I can make the gorilla work. I just need to stiffen up those couple joints.

I'm taking today off riding, but I think I'll go out again tomorrow, so I'll see what I can tinker with.