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Monday, September 21, 2009

End of Summer Extravaganza!

What I Did on My Summer Vacation
  • Became single (again)

  • Started smoking (again)

  • Bought a bicycle. Rode 673 miles.

  • Solved the cat problem

  • Shaved off the beard

  • Lost 43 lbs

  • Figured out how to use the postal system

  • Paid off all my debt

  • Quit smoking. (again.)

  • Figured out something about goals

What'd you do? Anything fun?


boo said...

YOU ROCK! I love the picture flow with this.

That was one hell of a summer, man.

Well, done.

Ana said...

Your eyes even look... brighter, if that makes sense! It's like there's a sparkle, even in your smile. I'm so incredibly happy for your amazing accomplishments. Congratulations, Erik!!

Grace said...

Just agreeing with previous comments and adding my .02: it also appears that you shed a few years along with it all (you look younger!). That's a good summer.

stiill said...

Me? I kept the monster alive. :)