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Sunday, February 12, 2006

California Fish Grill

Hey, in a possibly short-lived effort to force feed some content into this
thing, I'm going to stop the monthly chronicle of "Here's what I made" and
throw in some "Here's where I eat" to go along with it.

Got lunch today at the California Fish Grill with Amanda. Been there a
couple times in the past with some cow-orkers, but this was the first time
she'd eaten there.

Lesson #1: I remember now why I almost never eat breakfast. Eating the Fish
and Scallops Fryer Combo less than an hour after waking is a sure way to not
wanting to eat again the rest of the day. Tasty, but I've felt stuffed all
stinkin' day.

Lesson #2: Be careful about how you sell a place. I'd made some rather grand
overtures about how much Amanda would like the seared ahi because in a past
trip, a cow-orker had ordered it, the appearance was the way one might
expect seared ahi to look: Like a steak cooked rare. Alas, it came out
medium. She still seemed to like it, although we're going to have to be more
specific next time about A) If the menu warns "Served Rare", serve it rare.
B) Do not include any complimentary cole slaw (she's got a phenomenal
aversion to mayonnaise, anything with mayonnaise, anything on the same plate
with anything that might've ever been served with mayonnaise, etc. I don't
get it, but I don't push it.)

So, a decent lunch, and we'll probably be back with some regularity.

And until I get around to perfecting an objective scoring system, here's
some basic stats:
1: Cajun-spiced seared ahi
2: Fish and Scallops Fryer combo
3: Side order of fried shrimp
4: two regular soft drinks
= about $27.

It isn't full-on table service. You order up front, find a table and they
bring your food to you.

They have a limited selection of ales and wines available as well as a soda
drink cell.


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