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Monday, February 20, 2006


So we went to lunch at Rutabegorz the other day.

Small. Cozy, in fact. Been around since the dawn of dirt, as far as things
that substitute "Z" for "S" in the name go.

Amanda got the 1/2 Salami Sandwich (Cotto Salami and Cheddar on squaw bread
(normally comes with tomato as well) and a cup of Cockie Leeky soup. They
fouled up her order, and brought the Chicken Tortilla soup instead. After a
brief inquiry, they brought the Cockie Leeky, so she got to sneak a taste of
both. She seemed to like the Chicken Tortilla better, but was otherwise
happy with the place (especially the pineapple smoothie with orange juice
and the almond joy cookie bar for later)

I got the garlic chicken sandwich, which was basically garlic chicken and
melted cheese, with tomato and avacado on a baguette. Good stuff, though the
garlic chicken was bordering on the too-strong-even-for-my-tastes. Might try
it on the garlic chicken salad that it seems to have originated with.

Got out of there for under 30 bones, but we splurged a bit.
They're very vegetarian-friendly, so if nothing else, be sure to think of
this place when you're hanging out with your veggie friends (or self)

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