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Friday, October 09, 2009

End of an era

Wow, didn't see this one coming, but I guess everyone moves on with their lives in their own times.

I know, this is going to sound a little cheesy in parts, but this was a band that was part of the foundation of my formative years (aka "the teens"), and always seemed to keep their business together.

but, as was said elsewhere:

BABYLAND 1989-2009
It needs to be said: BABYLAND is done. Smith quit the band in late August and I will not continue on with this project. I am filled with immense sadness about the loss, and this is in no way how I ever would have wanted this to end. Thank you to all who have supported and inspired me over the last 19 years with BABYLAND.

It will take some time for me, but there is more music to come.

This was a band I listened to in those misanthorpic teenage nights, met a couple times, had the occasional email exchange with, asked permission to use their music once (and got the go-ahead), and will miss.

Dan Gatto and Mike Smith, thank you for the time you put in, the recordings, the shows, everything.

These guys were people that inspired me to make my own music, which while it hasn't been reliable, is not a reflection upon them. I'm going to miss keeping an eye out for what they're doing next together, but if the world has to move on, I'm stupidly happy for what they shared in their time, and won't forget it.


(p.s., their shows are the reason why I own a pair of welding goggles)

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