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Saturday, October 24, 2009


My past attempts at going internet-free have been varied and largely pointless.

Looking for the next big thing to cut out, suggestions welcome.


boo said...

I think you should write as many bad similes as you can.

It'll cheer you up. I swear they are fun to write if you are trying to make them really bad.

It is not the next big thing though. Nothing really is the next big thing unless you want it to be.

Why not make something the next big thing? There must be someone who would love the airtime. Discover some talent! The tubes are rife with it I hear.

transiit said...

Wouldn't that be like having to separate a metric crap-ton of frozen poultry?

Unknown said...

Cut out TV if you watch.
Cut out cigarettes if you smoke.
Cut out coffee - I keep failing at this.
Cut out being/feeling alone.
Plan un-geek vacations often with tour groups so you have company while traveling.
Go to southern Spain.
Seville and Barcelona are great.
Try to see Mallorca and Ibiza.
I hear its wonderful this
time of the year.

transiit said...

Don't watch TV.
Already quit smoking (again.)
You'll have to pry the coffee from my cold, dead hands.
Will consider the rest, thank you.