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Thursday, October 29, 2009


You know, the roughest moment of your life is breaking through that wall to realize that what you believed and what was real were disjoint.

Some of you have felt this, and I've got a bad feeling that will be the far from being the last time I'll have to deal with it.

In hindsight, knowing your eyes are open to some truth can be a consolation in a way.

So goodbye, nice belief, friendly myth, pleasant dream.


Unknown said...

The post is not specific enough.
Details are important.

I know the feeling though.

Believing in something is psychologically beneficial.

Believing allows us to construct
a reality in our mind and to function as units in a cohesive, coordinated, predictable way.

I think without some kind of belief,
would dissolve into
(fill_in_belief)-less individuals.

transiit said...

Details are important on a quest for answers.

Not so much when you're just leaving a milestone behind.