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Monday, March 08, 2010


$4 (coffee) + $3.48 (lunch) + $13.91 (dinner) = $21.39 ($73.43 remaining)

How are others faring?


Paul Benjamin said...

Spent another ¥3,000 on groceries or dinner.

Not looking good for staying within the ¥15,000 budget unless the woman decides to actually buy some food at some point..

gamefaced said...

$27 for gas, about twenty bucks left.
goonies never say die.

thorn said...

Yesterday I spent about $5 on lunch, then about $23 on groceries.

Yesterday I also stopped at the bank to get the balance of the cash limit I'd set. (I had a little on me, but not all of it.) I tell you what, taking out that much cash at once scares the hell out of me.

Today, $1 on a bottle of pop. Most likely won't be home for dinner, so there'll be a few more dollars spent between rehearsal and the nice lady-friend's place.