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Saturday, March 13, 2010


So for context of that protest thing last night, I went on google maps. Some obscuring, yes.

The green area is company property. The red area is property of the hotel with the RSOs. I left some streets and other buildings around so you can see how close things are.

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Unknown said...

That's terrible.
Dilbert terrible.

In one Dilbert comic, the pointy
haired boss decided to house
prisoners in the empty office
space/cubicles around Dilbert.
So the company would be
reimbursed by the state.

In that particular comic,
Dilbert (clean, hard working,
did everything right in life)
reasoned that he had more work,
less free time, more stress,
less money than the prisoners.

It was as if the system was
protecting the many felons and
conspiring against the upstanding

In another Dilbert comic,
a prison inmate is sent to
live with Dilbert, after
Dilbert wrote a letter
complaining about prison
over-crowding. The guy's name
was Bob (a.k.a. "Strangler")

It was funny-unreal at the time
but now that the economy is tanked
and the state is close to
bankruptcy it is not funny and
the Dilbert-universe gets more