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Thursday, March 11, 2010


$4 (coffee) + $2.16 (lunch) + $11 (dinner) = $17.16 ($21.47 remaining)

Last day may get a bit lean.


thorn said...

Yesterday was $2 into the pop machine then $7 at the grocery store for dinner because I left my left-overs at school.

I may have over-estimated my needs by about $60 simply because my cigarettes are lasting longer than I expected. (I usually purchase them by the carton.) I'm not taking any fewer smoke breaks during the day, though I have been trying to get to bed earlier the last couple of weeks, which has probably cut back my late-night smoking.

That said, I'm looking at about 8 hours of driving time over the next two days so that could change. (I smoke like a chimney when behind the wheel.)

The truck is also nearly out of gas, which will need to be remedied today.

Don't think I ever publicly published my budget. I guesstimated $155 for this week. Currently sitting with $105 remaining in the wallet and probably a dollar or two of change in the truck's cup holder. After gassing up, I should be left pretty much just with my cigarette money.

thorn said...

On a side-note, despite knowing I have the cash in my wallet and have had it for five days, I still struggle to remember to grab the cash rather than the debit card when making purchases. I'm such a creature of habit. Fortunately, I've caught myself. The real challenge will be getting gas. I always pay at the pump. Here's hoping I remember to go inside today.