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Friday, March 12, 2010


$4 (coffee) + $2.20 (slice o' pizza) + $2.07 (kleenex) + $3.49 (vegetables) = $11.76 ($9.71 remaining)


thorn said...

$1 in the pop machine. $44 in the gas tank. $2 in caffeine for the drive. $58 left in the wallet - just enough for a carton of smokes if they're on sale.

thorn said...

...and I've just disqualified myself. Found a replacement for one of my broken synth parts on eBay. Been looking for this part for ages, and it was listed with a $10 buy-it-now option.

I tried to just pass on it for now, but there's no telling when - or if - I'll find this particular switch again.

transiit said...

hmm, so of the four, it's just me and Valerie left officially. Thanks Thom and Paul for making it as far as you did, stat tuned, you're primed to be awesome contenders for round two.