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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The New Dust Bowl?

In case you missed the memo, the economy is more than a little crappy right now.

One of oft-repeated themes I hear amongst conversations of comparing it to the great depression is "Yeah, but that was a lot of factors altogether. It's not like we've got the dust bowl this time or anything."

Well, thank $DEITY that we don't rely on quickly-heading-into-drought California for much of our produce then.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that is going to suck. In the past few years the prices of produce have been so high that during the summer the local farms get together and offer weekly shares for super cheap for a random supply of in season (and mostly organic) fruits and veggies etc. And there are more and more community gardens popping up too.

But these winter months are the ones where we will pay plenty to keep eating healthy and boy, is the health level of our diets going to drop if the drought gets out of hand.

We are spoiled compared to the depression stories I have heard and read about. I've read of hunger and while it might not be nutritious, we'll have Little Debbies until...I am pretty sure they will outlast us all.