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Thursday, January 15, 2009


So watch this:

Hat tip to John Boehner for winning the "Most Resembling a Human" award.

I hope that there's some thought put into two areas:

Primarily, Google (and their subsidiary YouTube) are pretty pervasive. Heck, they host this thing I'm posting on, so I'd feel pretty shabby suggesting they don't offer a reasonable service. I would ask in the name of governmental transparency that an attempt be made to avoid even an accidental endorsement of a single service.

Secondarily, relax, ye politicians. It's ok, we know you're (mostly) human, and the truth is, a lot of us relate to you more when you aren't aping the android or stick-inserted-in-an-uncomfortable-place vibe. Yeah, I know, a lot of people gave the exiting administration a lot of grief for their "I'm stumbling through this, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk." motif, and I'm not suggesting you pander to the lowest common denominator. Just relax a little. Give your image advisers the finger and aim to err on the side of being a little too honest.


Anonymous said...

"Utilize" is word that irks me. So distancing. It's like saying "I can say "use" but it is only one syllable and I want to put more distance between us than that."

I am glad they are using it though.

Anonymous said...

I think all government officials should be required to do a lip-dub video before they are given a youtube account.