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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Personal time again.

So a bunch of years ago, I had a friend. She went through some hard times, and she hung around when I went through some hard times, but we lost contact.

Heard a few snippets here and there, but didn't follow up.

Some years back, I noticed her father had been quoted in the local newspaper, so I sent him an email saying "Hey, saw your quotation. Right on!", and he responded saying that my friend was doing better than what I'd probably last heard, but could probably use a solid friend again.

Life was what it was back then, and I don't think I was ready to understand what he meant. I've seen some more days now, and the last few years, while not always fun, gave me a lot of chances to reexamine things.

Clearly I haven't forgotten his words, or else we wouldn't be here.

But I did send him another email a few minutes ago asking for either her contact information, or to forward on mine.

Because I miss my friend, and I'd hate to have to think that it took me too long to be the sort of friend back that she'd need (but more to the point, the sort of friend she deserves)

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Anonymous said...

That is very kind of you. I hope you do get to reconnect too. Good lord it seems like every third person from my past has shown up on the FB.

I don't know anything about her, but if life has done its thing as it has with us all, I am betting she will think you are nuts for feeling guilty.