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Monday, January 12, 2009

Status Quo.

Whether the new US presidential administration is serious about the platform of change or not, rest assured that there will be no shortage of mindless puff pieces regarding the inauguration.

Seriously, I just don't know how I might've gotten through my day worrying about how the endless buffets could avoid the scourge of cocktail weenie, but thanks NBC for assuring me that the next president isn't expected to supp whilst jumping from event to event.

You know, what if our next leader got in an awkward position where he was forced to eat a deviled egg that might've sat out just a bit too long.

I guess we dodged that bullet.

(starting a count: 1 post(s) where I really, really wanted to start dropping profanity, but opted not to)

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Anonymous said...

I saw a woman, a reporter, lick another woman's face while waiting for the Golden Globes to happen. They had set up places for women to get facials and massages right next to where people would be coming in.

And that is all I saw of the Golden Globes.