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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Oh, screw it. Let's go for the long, slow decline.

This year in cultwear:

EDIT 1/7/2009: I don't seem to see an obvious way to stop the auto-play of the video, sorry. I'll just have to post a bit more to get it to shuffle off the main page.

But, one of the cow-orkers and I had a conversation about this abomination of infomercials and her response was along the lines of "Hey, that could increase my slack", but tempered somewhat wisely with "So why wouldn't I just wear a bathrobe backwards?"

So I'll go on record admitting that some of the cow-orkers have their heads on straight. Good job.


DangerAmy said...

I'm so glad you decided to go for the long slow decline! I was having a hard time accepting that your random postings here would no longer be here to read! I would have to start stalking you then you know.
Happy New Year!
Big Hugs.

Oh. And if those things are still available ... we should all get em for QCII :) oh yea!

stiill said...

Ruth and I saw this ad a few weeks ago. It's awesome.

Also awesome:

Started here:

Then again, Townhall is always full of awesome.

No, this has nothing to do with the post to which I'm replying.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has to be a jedi.