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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some days...

I feel like I need a button that says "Hey! Pay Attention to MEEEE!"

It'd be handy for when I'm feeling lonely, or am proud of something, or whatever.

That'd be pretty handy.

Maybe a toggle switch. "Pay Attention to MEEEE!" and "Leave me be!". Anywhere in between and it has no effect.

Yeah, I guess I could go for a nice dial, but I wouldn't be able to trust myself not to micromanage other people's attention spans to my convenience.

Just sayin'


stiill said...

There was a story... or a novel... or a novella... maybe by Philip K. Dick, or by Heinlein, or a thought exercise... yeah, my memory is terrible.

Anyway, people wore compulsory mood meters that were visible all the time. Seems like that would serve your needs, though it might also radically change society.

Anonymous said...

I read this what seems like ages ago. I wanted to say I SEE YOU. UR DOIN IT RIGHT. But couldn't get here from work.