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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A boot to the...

This article was shared to me by a friend, and while I can appreciate the sentiment, one does not change culture overnight (ok, there are ways, but they are supremely unpleasant ways that I'd rather not see)

So I'd ask of you, when faced with an entrenched establishment, where disruptive technologies (i.e., teh intarwebs) have only gone so far, can we change our culture? (or is the really unpleasant path the only way out of this rut?)


(thanks to geechee girl for sharing this)


Anonymous said...

Education. A serious dedication to that by all companies would help enormously.

The asses that need kicking are the ones that are complaining usually.

Net companies should form a coalition of charter schools. This is in everyone's best interests.

But I can understand the reticence. Who wants to invest in something where failure is the best teacher and a necessary thing? Who wants to invest in children? So risky. Takes balls or a kick in the ass for sure.

But there it sits. Longview anyway.

transiit said...

Fair enough. But how to light a fire beneath the remaining educators that aren't so cynical or jaded to have forgotten why they got in that racket to begin with?

Perhaps a few of that segment are already lost in the abyss. I try to spread knowledge as I can, but I hardly feel like an educator. And like many others have a pile of excuses as to why I'm too busy to volunteer my time with an organization.

I'm not defending my shortcomings so much as acknowledging them. I do not exclude myself from the ranks of those that could use a kick in the ass to do something a bit more important than just trying to keep up with the firehose of information.