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Friday, December 26, 2008

Feed Cleaning 2008

I can't say that reading all this nonsense is improving my life, so I'm cleaning out my feed reader a bit.

I had this idea that if I listed the feeds I dropped, maybe somebody will find something that suits them. I grappled a bit with the idea of explaining why I chose which to purge, but ultimately, it probably doesn't matter.

So here's what's getting dropped from my feed reader. Perhaps one or more will interest you more than it did me:
Carey Lives Here Now
Freezer Burns
101 Cookbooks
Diner's Journal
Purple Liquid
The Food Section
The Kitchen: Apartment Therapy
What We're Eating

I know, this isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of any of them. But they did capture my interest at one point or another, so I figure maybe they'll do something for one of you.


Anonymous said...

You are way ahead of me. Just began using the reader a few months ago. I forget to subscribe to things more often than not so my queue there is itty bitty in comparison. Adding though, might try out one of these.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what is on your RSS reader?

I'm always on the lookout for new feeds.

transiit said...

I removed all the friend's blogs and whatnot, but here's an OPML file of a large swath of what's in my feed reader right now: google-reader-subscriptions

Anonymous said...

Bummed to have lost you as a subscriber. But I totally understand the need to purge. I have been having to do that as well lately.

Thanks for giving me a try at least!

transiit said...

@Gregory Ng

For what it's worth, it was mostly just a "Taking stock of my time" and reducing some of what I read/view/consume daily (my personality is such that I'll read or watch all of it rather than skipping over)

But, I figured that if I posted links, it'd be a small tip of the hat to people that are out there making stuff, and maybe a couple people that read this will find it.

Best of luck with your continuing endeavor.