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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ongoing Dispute #12

It's been a while, but the hits keep on coming

  • A man who appeared confused was walking down a center median. A caller was concerned he'd be hit by a car. 6:30am

  • A caller said a woman in a raised dark blue truck was hitting and punching a man who was also in the truck. 10:00am

  • A dark blue Ford truck drove onto a sidewalk and destroyed an OCTA bus stop bench. 10:57am (same truck?)

  • A gas station clerk said a customer became upset about the price of beer and began threatening to hit him with a beer bottle. The man also told the clerk to "get out of his country." Officers advised the suspect to shop elsewhere. 10:29am

  • A resident said a man came to his door and asked for a donation. The resident was suspicious of the solicitor and said he was "so scared he just gave him money so that he would leave." 4:02pm

  • A man said someone bit his ear while he was at the beach. 11:38pm

  • It appeared a water main broke and water was "gushing up from the street like fountains," causing the water level to rise quickly. One caller said waves of water were coming out of a gutter and another caller said water had covered the hood of his car. 9:24am

  • A caller said her 12-year-old son received an "inappropriate picture" message on his cell phone from a classmate and wanted police to speak to the other boy's parents. 1:35pm

  • Someone kicked a door down at a warehouse and stole $3,500-$4,000 worth of golf cart parts. A former employee was a possible suspect. 4:33pm

  • A 13-year-old boy said another student from middle school followed him, cornered him and took his check card. 5:03pm

  • Three males, including one wearing only underwear, were seen running around on the pier. 4:22am

  • A man in his 60s walked out of a restroom without pants. 11:47pm

  • A resident said a magazine solicitor spit on his car after he refused to make a purchase. 11:57am

  • About 30 males were fighting with bats during a softball tournament. 2:21pm

  • Someone knocked on a resident's door and left a package marked "fart bomb" outside. 2:59pm

  • Someone spray painted "white trash" and "small penis" on a 2008 Chevrolet pickup. 7:58pm

  • A man was seen stabbing a tree and being combative with passersby. 8:47pm

  • A woman said a 34-year-old "psychotic male," to whom she was "technically" married, was chasing her around with a stick with a nail sticking out of it. Officers responded and found broken windows and blood in the residence. 2:42am

  • An employee reported hearing people on the roof and was worried because of recent tagging activity. Officers determined the culprits were seagulls. 8:23am

  • A woman said she almost struck 15-month-old child who had run into the street, followed by a 3-year-old girl who chased after the baby. The woman said a man came running after the children, cussing and screaming at them. She said she was concerned. 11:46am

  • A father requested police presence while he picked up his child at school because of an earlier argument about reckless driving with another father. The caller said it "almost came to fisticuffs." 1:32pm

  • A resident said two males were selling magazines door-to-door and had a "really bad attitude." Police received several other similar calls about illegal solicitors all over the city. 8:12pm

  • A disoriented man walked into the caller's house and asked if he could use the shower. The woman walked him out of the house and he went wandering around the neighborhood. 9:37am

  • The head of a dead cat was found in the middle of the park. 4:36pm

  • Police responded to a business after its alarm was activated. Officers determined the "cat burglar" was a stray feline that had gotten locked in the building. 2:20am

  • A caller requested that officers patrol the area because people constantly park in the area, have sex and leave trash. 10:33pm

Apparently in this post-duck, post-coyote world, all we have are our surly magazine solicitors. (source: ocregister)

Oops, hear the police chopper and sirens. Something must be afoot.

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