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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sorry, can't help it.

I'm quitting smoking, so any part of my brain involved in being more mature than a 13 year old is currently otherwise occupied.

How Hot Dogs are Made:

How Condoms are Made:


stiill said...

You're right. It DOES seem easier to have them put the hot dog in the condom at the time of manufacturing, rather than making us buy both and do it ourselves.

Hey, did you watch Working Class Rock Star yet?

transiit said...

I've not. It turns out that Netflix actually wants you to return discs before they send you new ones, so I'll have to get through "Small Wonder: The Complete Series" discs 1&2, or "The Best of Webster" before they'll send me a new one.

stiill said...

Best of Webster is only one disc!?