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Monday, December 22, 2008

Cat (part 2)

The cat's fine. The cortisone injection they gave it seems to have done some wonders as far as the allergic reaction it had with the flea meds (I suspect my clipping the claws probably helped a little too)

Still has a bald patch where it was shaved for the testing of the lump. The test results came back saying "Yup, it's a lump. A little blood serum, a few red blood cells, some skin cells, nothing malignant."

My hand still has a few fading scars from where it played berzerker last month, but we're coming to a new understanding together.


Anonymous said...

I just read the last stuff! You are a good guy for taking care of the cat. They all react to fleas differently. Of mine, one has a reaction much like the reaction yours had to the flea treatments. Lenny gets all these sores from the fleas. Allergic the vet said. So I did some homeopathic type stuff with him (I think the scent of lavendar or lilac irks fleas and makes them go away to the carpet to be keeled).

A beautiful cat btw. Sorry that such a relationship is tied to the memories but at least you got the best out of that one. Holy crapoly. What a nice guy you are to be so kind to the woman when clearly she wasn't that way to you.

You turn the other cheek more than any born again critter on the planet.

transiit said...

The cat didn't choose her life, and while I'd appreciate her not biting me, I'm sort of the only person she's got in this world.

I try to keep that in mind when I'm trying to do something and she's either yowling at me or trying to fall asleep on my keyboard.

Don't tell her that she's getting another bath in the next couple days. We've almost got this flea problem done with.