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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making a list.

I've been thinking a bit about people that have had a positive impact on my life in the last year. I'm thinking even more about the people that I've had direct contact with. Something nearly tangible. Something personal.

Maybe I'll name names next week as a tribute to 2008.

But briefly, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Well, you have had a positive impact on my life but I cannot say the reverse is true. Can you say the patient has any good effect on the triage nurse? If the patient weren't a fucktard the triage nurse would be contented.

Every going to make a list in the reverse? Like who you've helped? I think anyone could do with a little of that every now and then.

transiit said...

I'll take it into consideration, but if anything, it might be a list of people I tried to have a positive impact on, not necessarily where I succeeded.

I don't know that I have the wisdom or insight to enumerate that group conclusively.