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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lengthy, with little value, but no advertisements.

Ok, so about a year or so ago, I signed up for a year's worth of service with one of them legitimate internet digital music companies. Cost me about two hundred bones. I won't say which, as I'm not their shill.

Over a thousand songs later, I'm thinking about the extra 800 bucks it would've cost me to have the DRM-encumbered versions through iTunes. Straight MP3s, 90 songs a month, and here's the final tally by band and number of songs picked up:

Acumen Nation: 57
Alec Empire: 30
Alice Donut: 28
Amish Rake Fight: 10
Bad Religion: 16
Battery: 17
Bile: 14
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine: 19
Chris Connelly: 11
Christ Analogue: 17
Christoph de Babalon: 11
Claw Hammer: 2
Cubanate: 10
Dave Brubeck: 1
Deerhoof, Mixel Pixel, Evolution Control Committee, Books On Tap: 32
DJ_ Acucrack: 29
En Esch: 1
Evil Mothers: 38
Foetus: 10
Fugazi: 11
God lives underwater: 10
Gravity Kills: 11
Hellbent: 11
Iron Lung Corp: 15
Jim Bob: 18
John Coltrane: 5
Johnny Violent: 14
Leech Woman: 11
MC 900 Ft Jesus: 14
Ministry: 11
Minor Threat: 24
Mouse On Mars: 11
Murder Inc: 9
Nic Endo: 11
Nocturne: 29
Otto Von Schirach: 35
Peeping Tom: 11
Peter Murphy: 10
Pigface: 20
Revolting Cocks: 10
Ruby: 11
Sister Machine Gun: 31
Skinny Puppy: 11
Spahn Ranch: 14
Steroid Maximus: 12
The Creatures: 11
The Damage Manual: 31
The Dead Milkmen: 1
The Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton: 4
The Filmscore Orchestra: 3
The Pixies: 15
The Stan Getz Quartet: 7
The Young Gods: 10
Tom Waits: 69
TRS-80: 31
Tub Ring: 16
Ultraviolence: 5
Various: 73
Various Artists: 65
Various Artists - Alternative Tentacles _ Mordam: 2
Various Artists - Cleopatra Records: 2
Various Artists - Invisible Records: 27
Various Artists - Silva Screen Records: 1
Various Artists - Underground Inc: 6
Voice Of Destruction: 11
Voodou: 2
Wiseblood: 10

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stiill said...

That is a whole lot of Evil Mothers. Excellent.

I just signed up for the free trial to check it out, though they made me put in a credit card # so I've already got a reminder set up to cancel it. If you only want my credit card number "to make sure you're an eligible free trial member", why do you need to start recurring billing after 14 days? Hmmmm.