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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Something to Say #5

All the news that prints to fit:

The US prosecutor scandal continues, now with various senators adding some much-needed doubt to the equation. Still not sure that anything meaningful is going to come of this.

Things stand to get ugly between the Iranians and the Brits. I've heard a lot of doom and gloom about this one, but I think it still stands at saber-rattling.

The average conissieur has found a new enemy: The Ladybug. I find myself ambivalent on the subject. (extra bonus points go to this link that I found while trying to figure out how to spell "conissieur")

Failing a good headline, the winning story lead-in for today is: "Feeding chocolate to a bunch of middle-age, overweight people for weeks on end may not be as unhealthy as it seems."

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stiill said...

There's even a name for it -- "ladybug taint."