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Sunday, March 11, 2007


stupid daylight savings time.

stupid physical exertion.

so as I was driving the cat to the kennel, I kept getting closer and closer to the big ol' brushfire that's burning today.

And I asked myself, shouldn't a mostly sane and rational person be trying to put some distance in between themselves and a substantial inferno?

Good thing I'd already paid the deposit and reservation on the kennel, as the first wave of suburban evacuees were starting to show up needing somewhere to put their pets indefinitely.

And through the magic of modern technology, I can peek in on the cat whenever. Of course, the controls on the webcam are a little screwy, so instead of panning right or left, it rotates. Odd.

So I came home and I've been moving furniture and crap since, but I think I've now got it handled. Would've been nicer to do this on a day when it wasn't above 90F, but that's why the flying spaghetti monster invented air conditioning.

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stiill said...

You know, this was the second site that came up when I searched "transiit donut".

Does the fact that technology enables you to look in on your cat also make it inevitable that there will be significant bugs in using said functionality? I would've almost been more shocked if everything had worked properly.