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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Random Detritus.

A few bits and pieces.

After last night's attempt at musical creativity, I dropped a few bucks on a few new toys in that same vein today. If they work to my favor, I'll happily review them.

Toe's still blue, but it's not getting worse, so maybe there's still some hope for that toenail yet.

After receiving notice from my leasing office that they'd be demolishing my patio next week, I had to clean everything off of it. The only survivor is my neglected bicycle, which is now sitting in my bedroom on a double layer of butcher paper. I wiped off some of the dirt, but it really needs a good cleaning, air in both tires, perhaps a new chain (the last time I tried riding it a couple links were fused) and a lot more usage. As for the rest of the patio, I said goodbye to a few dying plants (leftovers from last chapter) and a few other bits and pieces. No significant loss.

I've been giving the contents of my apartment the hairy eyeball lately with an eye towards "shit I don't need anymore" In a few days, there might be a purging going on.

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