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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Toe Stub

I pulled off a first for myself at work today. I managed to stub my toe without my feet actually being in motion. Picked up a travel case for a piece of gear, and it swung down on a rotational axis right into my feet.

E: Ow!
S: What?
E: I think I just hurt myself. It feels like I inverted all my toenails.
S: *shock. awe*

So I went off to the nearest restroom to assess the damage (and it turns out that in that case, I seem to have stumbled upon the skankiest head on site) Rather than risking what the stalls looked like, I plopped down against the far wall and took off the shoe and peeled off the sock of the foot that was hurting more.

All the toes could curl without too much trouble. Probably didn't break anything. That's good. Visual inspection time.

So the big toenail on my left foot was already turning blue. This was about a minute or two from initial impact. That's not good.

I'm thinking of everyone I've known to accidentally catch a finger in a sliding window or car door, and the horrible aftermath. For some reason, these stories always seem to end in "and then the nail finally fell off"

I'm going to miss my toenail. We were good friends.

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