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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Something to Say #2

And now for another brief jaunt through today's headlines:

I usually could care less about entertainment news, but I have never seen so many jokes about missing a leg as some reality television nonsense seems to have generated in the press: Here. Here. Here... Granted, I could care less about her or the program, I'm just saying that when I make the jokes, suddenly, I'm the monster.

They say that Chinese Take Out might be bad for you. In other surprises, they're saying cigarettes might not be so good either. Personally, I'm shocked.

Equally surprising, in the federal prosecutor scandal, it seems there's an attempt being made to blanket anybody that might have something interesting to say (and possibly a few others) with executive privilege.

And as a follow-up to yesterday's mention of the pet food recall, the surprise twists I've been hoping for ("Don't bury me I'm not dead!" or "It's in the blood!") have not yet come. However, I did get thinking about the long list of products that all come out of the same factory, and I've got this image in my head that the control panel for the line looks like a McDonald's register, with little company logo buttons on one row (the IAMS pawprint, the Kraft logo, etc.), pictures of intended consumers on another row (little pictures of cats, dogs, humans), pictures of the final product (canned meats, hot dogs, Taco Bell high speed caulking canisters) and the last row little pictures of ingredients (Sorry folks, too many jokes here.)


stiill said...

My favorite bit about executive privilege was Tony Snow's comments on executive privilege:

transiit said...

You know, there's something to be said for holding true to a viewpoint, even an unpopular one, and there's something to be said for saying "Yes. I felt that way, but I was wrong because..."

This might be a contributing factor as to why I don't care that much about political parties. It seems like it makes it too easy to just rail against the other group, because they're the other group.