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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Something to Say #3

And now, for the news:

As seen on Slashdot...So you've probably seen or heard about this video floating around on YouTube by now:

Right. So anyway, somebody tracked down the creator, and now he's been fired. Probably not surprising, as he worked for a media consulting firm hired by Barack Obama. I haven't figured out exactly where I stand on this yet. It's certainly not a 1st amendment issue. Part of me wants to say, "Well, no shit, you got fired.", but then I don't like the idea of having to keep my opinions about everything my company might any stake in. For now, I'll just say that I'm not terribly surprised this was the result.

Speaking of YoooTooob, there's a theory floating around why Google would buy them right as they were heading into an extinction-level lawsuit. Funny that I read this the same day that portions of the same industry serving as plaintiffs in that lawsuit have announced they'll be forming a ewe-tewb rival.

Ok. Enough of that.

And can I just say that I'm more than a little tired of most "technology news" being thinly-veiled advertisements?

The winner for the best headline of the day: "Harvard Students Rally Against Mindless Sex"

And as a follow-up to an excellent news story I almost certainly mentioned somewhere (but can't find now): He got probation.

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