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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Carter USM

So I was having a conversation with an internet friend last night ridiculously early this morning about the recent change in youtube embedding strategy (his angle was add more content), and combined with a comment a bit ago asking why I post these things, I figure a little explanation is in order.

I post things that I find interesting or like for one reason or another, and want to share with other people. I got wrapped around the axle for a bit trying to think of how to make this supremely effective, but then I remembered that having a blog isn't a commercial opportunity for me (note that no matter how hard google/blogger pushes them, I've not signed up to stick ads on here), but just a chance to sort of randomly babble at anyone that cares to listen (which as many will attest is basically the hallmark of my interpersonal communication stylings.)

So, a little story.

I first heard of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine (aka Carter USM) in the mid-90s while sitting in a Taco Bell talking with my brother about some of the music I'd been plinking out with my computer.

Brother: "It has a very Carter USM sound to it."
Me: "Who?"

I think he tried to explain something about them coming from the same sort of scene that gave us Renegade Soundwave, Pop Will Eat Itself, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Jesus Jones, etc. and I did my best as a little brother and promptly forgot about them.

Until a year or so later when I was perusing the used cd section at some now-defunct chain record store, and stumbled upon a cd single for "The Only Living Boy in New Cross" At the budget rate of 99c, I figured it couldn't be too horrible, yeah?

Picked up a few albums in physical form over the years, and with that whole emusic thing, grabbed a few more.

To the point where I went for a two-month period last year where I listened to Carter and nothing but. (Those of you that suffered through my Tub Ring obsession earlier this year will be familiar with this phenomenon.)

Anyhow, I went searching for a sample to share with you nice people earlier, and discovered that they finally played their "last" show at the beginning of this month, so there's live footage all over youtube of that. Me, I can only watch so much cell-phone-camera bootleg footage, so I'd rather suggest this:


Unknown said...

Big fan of Carter USM, classic brit music...

Anonymous said...

I had not heard of Carter USM ever before. Thank you for the introduction!