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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tutti Frutti Summer Love

Matt over at Independent Creator has apparently decided that I don't get enough Eurodance in my life, so he sent me this.

I laugh heartily.


Anonymous said...

I KNOW this guy! He did a very sweaty one way back. I think it was called my ding ding dong?

I'll have to find it. Oh that is a ton of boobage!

Anonymous said...


This is it. My Tra la la.

Oh my.

Unknown said...

Gunther is a hero


stiill said...

If you like the others, Tuttifrutti Summerlove is also worth watching:


Not to give away anything, but the two fruits in Gunther's Tuttifrutti are melons and bananas.

transiit said...


I think you just won this week's attention to detail award.

stiill said...

Hmm. It turns out that multitasking does, in fact, make me dumber. Very dumber.

But I love awards! Hooray! I'm a winner!