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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Delerium / Front Line Assembly

Some years ago, one of my friends and I got the bright idea to make the "Industrial Family Tree", cataloging all of the side-projects, appearances, etc. of various industrial bands.

Granted, this never escaped the braincrack stage, but that doesn't change the fact that that scene is terribly incestuous. (Go look up Pigface on wikipedia, and you'll get an idea of what a challenge trying to map it all out would be)

But anyhow, here's a fun bit of comparison:

Bill Leeb + Rhys Fulber + Some guest vocalist (such as Sarah McLachlan, Kristy Thirsk, or Leigh Nash) = Delerium

Bill Leeb + Rhys Fulber (and no guest vocalist) = Front Line Assembly (or at least did at one point)


Anonymous said...

I don't know if the Delerium was supposed to be a vid but I did not see it. I may be slow though and it was supposed to be blank there.

I did look up Pigface in the wiki. Holy crap that's a ton of members and other bands. No doubt it would be difficult to branch. Is it like the Kevin Bacon six degrees but of industrial music?

The Front Line Assembly video has me in knots. There are days when such music could inspire me to break stuff.

stiill said...

And there's also Leeb+Fulber+Nash+giving into their worst generic shmaltz-pop urges=Fauxliage. Although Delerium's steady decline pretty much pointed the way towards that.

Pigface is good listening! Some albums are certainly better than others, but only one is bad. Fook is fantastic.

transiit said...

boo: video shows up for me. Maybe things only temporarily 'sploded?

And I think the Pigface membership list is still incomplete on the wiki. I seem to recall at least a few others credited (such as all four of the Pixies, and not just Charles Thompson..er..Frank Black..um...Black Francis.

stiill: which is the one you didn't like? My vote would go for "Truth Will Out" being the weakest.

stiill said...

I'd been thinking of A New High In Low, but now that I look at the song list, there are a number of good tracks on there. I guess it's just disc 2 that warps my perception. It's one hour of Atkins and Genesis P. Orridge masturbating onto a CD. Given that disc 1 is good, though, I'll agree about Truth-- it was pretty disappointing, given the preceding studio album.