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Monday, November 19, 2007

It's like a heatwave...burning through my skull.

Information Overload.

I use Google Reader as my primary RSS reader. Part of it has to do with accessing it over multiple machines. Part of it has to do with the frustrations I spent maintaining my own homegrown RSS aggregator (nearly a decade ago now. Yikes.)

My basic strategy is this: I'm currently watching 92 different RSS feeds, and I get through them whenever they start to pile up by taking a once-over pass at marking the ones that I think are worth reading ("starring them", in parlance)

Occasionally, I'll hit the share button if I think something's really worth reading, and you can see that collection here or the most recent in that fancy little widget in the sidebar.

I think this has some merit where individuals act as a combination of filter and promoter, and I heartily encourage all of you to consider that if you had your way, how you'd like to see the dissemination of information to go down.

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