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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mike Patton


DangerAmy said...

I neglected to mention yesterday that I liked both of these. (It immediately made me think of Jandek since I suck at names of musicians and Jandek is the only experimental type one I could even think of the name of :) I went and read the comments on utube and I guess I wasn't surprised at all the "hate" comments, even though personally even if I didn't enjoy experimental music I think I would have found this clip interesting. Ah well. I guess I just don't have the mind of a hater.
How about you? Did you post these because they were something you liked? or because they were something you disliked? or because you came across them and just decided to post them? Hmmm?

transiit said...

I dig Mike Patton a lot. Liked him in Faith No More. Liked him in Mr. Bungle. Like most of the other projects.

Posted 'em because I like sharing stuff that I think other people would enjoy, or at least find interesting, that they might not have stumbled upon otherwise.

That and the "interview+sample" thing makes my youtube-embedding habit seem less dirty somehow =)