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Friday, November 30, 2007

Goodbye, November.

By all means, go pester the invisble man over at Disabled Salmon
Keep each other company with Ze Frank

Go (re)discover the ORG (yes, that means you Rilla)

Thanks to the other sportsracers that joined in on this, high praise to the ones that made it through to the end, and I'll pour one out to all those that didn't make it.

See you in the nebulous future.


Anonymous said...

You made it! Congrats. It's nice to read that you may be blogging more after this.

And outstanding to hear that there are good things going down in transiit hood.

Yay! You have met an amazing. That is so cool.

Nice way to tie it up with a vlog.

I need to read own when I get home from work. But this was a nice way to spend the break time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! That was me^ . I just entered the wrong thing.

mmrilla said...

Your right, I haven't been on the ORG in ages. I'll poke around today.

Congrats on the NaBloPoMo Success!

Unknown said...

*hugs* for you, sir.