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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I would just like to thank the authors of all the technology and gadget blogs to give me something other than the iPhone to hate this year. I thought it'd be tough after six months of complete saturation of articles speculating upon it, squealing over the release, and reminding us all that it is within all of our power to spend hundreds of dollars on a rather evolutionary technology upgrade, with the added joy of being bound to a single carrier (or dealing with mixed and often temporary results in your scramble to give anyone money for your shiny little toy)

So I'd like to pause and recognize an achievement I had believed was simply not possible. Thanks to your breathless rapture over this week's chosen must-have product, I think I can now safely say that the video game "Rock Band" now generates at least as much of my personal ire.


Anonymous said...

The Blue Ray did me in for a bit. I was all hoped up and 20/20 Verizon FIOS (not even sure what it means but , it's faster both down and up) but then the blue rays came and ate my brain.

Anonymous said...

hopped...misspellings on the road