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Monday, December 24, 2007

And to think I thought I'd have nothing to do...

So insert the appropriate holiday greeting here. I'm about to take off to go hang out with my grandmother and my brother, but I was surprised to meet this upon my doorstep on my first attempt at egress.

Looks like I'll have something to futz around with later after all.

Stay safe. Drive angry.



Boo said...

Have a good time. What the heck is on your screen? Never mind. I'm taking the "drive angry" as an indicator that it isn't good. Best of luck with that and merry to you and all of yurs!

Unknown said...

You have the one laptop, but where is the one child? I thought they were a package deal??

transiit said...

boo: what's on the screen isn't the point. It's that there even is a screen. I gots me a new toy to play with.

"Drive angry" should be construed in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

Bunny: on backorder.