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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I think I'll consider this a badge of pride.

UPDATE: The survey thing done broke and now redirects to a dating site, so I edited to redirect the link to google instead (which is probably at least as accurate). Oh, and I cheated and inflated my number a bit.


Reg Broadchest said...

Great Scott! I only got 24. I smell Hollywood blockbuster trilogy! Kindergarten Fu Hustle, Fits of Fury, and Enter the First Grade...not necessarily in that order.

stiill said...

After filling out the quiz, instead of giving me a score, it tells me I need a date.

My wife would not approve.

Also, why is your blog advertising ultrasound technicians?

Anonymous said...

It took me to a dating site. Darn it. I was hoping to get in a throw down.

transiit said...

Boo: Yeah, it didn't do that before. So I updated it a bit on my end.