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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bacon Cookies

So a couple days ago, I skimmed over an article regarding German Bacon Cookies

Didn't think much of it, sort of moved on.

Today, I saw a slight debate through my twitter feed regarding bacon cookies, so rather than weighing in, I figured I'd go back, read the recipe I saw, and think about it a little.

The recipe linked above, as it stands, probably would feed into the preconception of a bacon cookie. Note the lack of any sugar, or other sweetener (e.g., honey). A cookie? I'm not so sure, but I've not a solid definition of "cookie", but only my preconceived notion of what a cookie is. That recipe, it ain't.

But, that's not to say that I'd rule out the idea. Many people forget that salt works so well in seasoning because in the right concentration will accentuate the food, not necessarily make it taste "salty". In the same light, there are many recipes centered on chocolate applications that will involve something with a little heat (such as chili peppers) that can accentuate the flavor.

So getting away from the "um, it's bacon. shouldn't that go with eggs or something?", think about what it might bring (and avoid the bacon-bits idea. Might not need to do the "fry it up" first angle)

The first things that come to my mind is a subtle smoky flavor and fat. Fat, as much as it has been reviled, isn't bad. Fat tends to add a feeling of "moistness" to foods. Depending on the cookie, this can be a desired trait. Sort of that "soft-baked" phenomenon. Moist. Tender. Whatever.

And it might just be that the smoky nuances and the salt that it carries with it can be used to your advantage in the flavor department. I think it would pair very nicely with chocolate.

Granted, I've not tried any of this, and I don't think it makes sense to toss in a couple strips of bacon in your next batch as is. I think some adjustment to any given recipe would be needed (remove/reduce any salt or oil called for as necessary), but I wouldn't write off the concept either.


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Unknown said...

Hey dude,

FYI, here's the recipe I followed, which is more of a choco-chip cookie + bacon bits thing.


I was totally with you on the "this only makes sense if I fry the bacon myself" thing, but then the recipe warned that "apparently it takes about 2lbs of bacon to make 2 cups of bacon bits".

It takes a surprisingly large amount of bacon to compete with flavors like chocolate and vanilla in a cookie! It's actually a pretty subtle flavor.

I'd certainly be up for trying other recipes. I saw a really good one that used bacon and oatmeal! Mmmm....