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Sunday, December 16, 2007

And so ends that weekend...

Final Score:
Kitchens Cleaned - 1
Meals cooked - 2
Meteor Showers - 1
Movies Viewed - 1
Minor, and quickly contained Apartment Fires - 1
Miles - ~300
Moments of severe giddiness - Lost count.

A good weekend, I'd say.

So aside from the Dinner/Coffee/Meteor Shower thing I already mentioned, here's the rest of the story:
Saturday morning, I woke up around 10:30 (yes, unheard of from me on the weekends, I know) and went tooling around the county searching for components for a yet-to-be-announced mission. Failure on all fronts. (I blame Ebay. Imagine a long and meaningful rant here. Redacted for now.) Called the girl around noon to see what she was up to, and she asked if I could call her back a bit later as she was currently helping her mother wrangle some sort of festive shrubbery or something. As my then-location was about a mile away I inquired if I could offer assistance, to which I had to submit to a phone interview regarding my festive-shrubbery-wrangling experience (I think I only squeaked by). So after a brief period of festive-shrubbery-wrangling, had lunch with her and her mother (I was on my good behavior. Most off-color jokes were suppressed, and her mother admonished me not to encourage the girl when it came to culinary oddities (such as Coco-Puff-encrusted Pot Roast, a theoretical dish that was posited during the mealtime conversation)

Not to be shown up on the family-awkwardness front, upon escape from lunch and the girl's mother, the girl and I hopped in the car, and we drove out and hung out with my grandmother for a bit. This plan backfired somewhat, as my grandmother told lots of borderline-embarrassing stories about (or at least tangentially involving) me, and the girl started cackling when my grandmother punched me in the stomach. (yup, it's THAT kind of family.)

Back in the car. Escape! Went by the grocery store, picked up some supplies. Explained to the girl the evening's plans (including the Excitement-that-is that is Movie Night (this week's showing was "Being John Malkovich") and me cooking her dinner (The menu was grilled scallops, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and risotto)) Things went reasonably smoothly. She got to talk to a few of the sportsracers. The fan in my range fume hood caught fire while I was cooking, but I was able to quickly extinguish it without much trouble. After a year and a half of not cooking anything of significance, it was pretty obvious that my already stunted sense of time-management in food prep had atrophied, so the scallops and asparagus went a bit long waiting for the risotto, but she seemed impressed with the result all the same. Watched some Doctor Who. Got her home with some margin left before dawn. I even managed to crash well before it started getting light out.

Sunday: Slept in a bit. Woke up early afternoon. Voicemail from the girl. On my way to get coffee and call her back, she called again, so I picked her up, went tooling around a bit (looking for supplies for a project she's working on), swung by Trader Joe's (yes, we ran into the same shopgirl of "It tastes like suffering" fame, who resolutely stated she was allergic to persimmons this time before recognizing us as the other side of that conversation) and picked up some fixin's (menu: Grilled Sausages. I think they had asiago and some sort of mushroom mixed in with chicken and secret spices. Tasty, anyhow. She made some portabello mushrooms, I tried my hand at blind preparation: Butternut squash. Having never made it, never really thought about it too much, it became a test of whether or not I could figure out what to do with an otherwise unknown ingredient. Took a few cues from the girl, and ended up pan-cooking it with a tangerine reduction. Could still use a few tweaks for future attempts, but I've got some leftover that should fit in nicely for lunch with a bit of the leftover risotto) Helped the girl with one of her projects a bit more. Watched some more Doctor Who. Got her home early enough such that we can both resemble productive humans at our respective jobs tomorrow.

It was a good weekend.

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