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Sunday, December 30, 2007


As I usually do whenever I get some time off work, it's usually about or day or so before I revert to my official "drooling creature of the night" status. This often means that I end up staying up until about dawn watching movies as nearly everyone else that I know is somewhat better at sleeping like a normal person would.

So, to give you an idea, here is the visual consumption log of the past week or so, in no particular order:

Good Eats (1 episode)
Doctor Who (5 episodes)
Torchwood (1 Episode)
Escape From New York
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
The Simpsons Movie
Kentucky Fried Movie
The Borne Ultimatum
AI: Artificial Intelligence
Jackass 2.5
The Prestige

Well, that's all I can remember anyhow. I'm about to flip a coin between watching the Mummy Trilogy, The Riddick Trilogy (well, 2.5 doesn't have an -ology as far as I know), or The Devil's Rejects. Well, as soon as I find my three-sided coin, anyhow.

I'm not counting what I've read this week, as I've not finished anything, but once again I put the Baroque Cycle on hold (damn you, Stephenson!) and have been reading this instead.


Anonymous said...

I love "The Devil's Rejects"! If it were me staying up all night as I usually do, I would go for a theme night...usually horror or comedy.

Anonymous said...

My (belated) vote is for Devil's Rejects too. I love behind-the-scenes stuff, and that movie delivers.

DangerAmy said...

I really need to crawl out from under this rock where I seem to live. How did I not know about Dark Fury? I feel ashamed.