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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Snippet of conversation while watching this

there should be a project archiving every stupid thing this administration has done/said.
Right now the silver lining for me is believing we're on the cusp of having the first presidential library that specializes in pop-up books.

and thinkers!
they can think about...stuff.

this is going in the blog. should I omit reference to you?


ok. sucks that I even think to ask.

I'm open to infamy.

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DangerAmy said...

My in-laws live there. They still support the administration which floors me. I don't understand it. I'd already lost my faith in our government before Katrina. And I had my lack of faith solidified when I saw president Bush's reply to a woman in Biloxi's plea for help after she's lots everything. Everything. He said, 'go to the salvation army, they got clothes for you', then he turned his back and walked away.
This administration has damaged our collective soul.