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Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Recap

For what's it's worth, this was one of the best holidays on record in recent years.

Yes, we continued on the new family tradition of Christmas burgers. (Oh, sure, it doesn't sound fancy now, but when you consider the older tradition you would understand our glee.)

But, no, the reason why this was such an awesome year was what The Girl gave me. It's a time machine of sorts.

I call it the Time Bag. Sure, it might not look so impressive to you now, but check this out. You can put things in it, and when you take them out, it's the future!


(P.S. I'm kidding, of course, it's not really the future, it's just later. But I had to make the joke.)

(P.P.S. To The Girl: I'm not downplaying the thought and awesomeness of what you got me. But, you know, I had to make the joke.)

(P.P.P.S. The Girl actually built me my own TARDIS, amongst other gifts. Bet you didn't get a TARDIS.)

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