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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

DIY or Die

I've been watching this, and I think others should as well.

you can find the rest of in on ye olde gootube.

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Anonymous said...

Looks interesting. Although the "backdrop of indifference" seems kind of over the top, I suspect it will be explained.

I wonder what it means really. With kids it is imagined as are may of their foes. Although it is better to them than the reality which usually is that their consumer cousin Floyd really is interested and Aunt Betty did it twenty years ago and is dying to give a whirl again.

Still, that may be the film maker's perception and license and not the artists. My pop is a DIY nutjob in the first degree. They used to call them tinkerers and inventors and such. "Artists" is what they are clearly.

You like industrial. I have to find a little sculpture of his and bring it to Chicago for you. I'll be on the look out this holiday for something. I think you might like his old metal work.

There is snow on the ground here.