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Sunday, December 09, 2007

head. clouds. insert.

So the girl I've been seeing and I had a nice interchange with the checker at Trader Joe's this evening while procuring snacks in preparation of the evening's Doctor Who marathon.

Amongst the purchases were a Trader-Joe's-standard-we-prefer-not-to-sell-individual-fruit-multipack of persimmons.

Granted, I've never had a persimmon before, but the old rule about me being willing to try any food (lax definition I might have) so that I can say with conviction if I don't like it, this seemed like a pretty tame option.

(and yes, this came after a lovely exchange badmouthing chestnuts with the "team member" busy stocking the deli case)

(slightly paraphrased. I think this is close to the actual script)
Checker: Persimmons? Have you ever had these before?
Girl: Yes, and they are wonderful.
Checker: Really? What are they supposed to be like?
Girl: Sort of a light sweetness, like a hint of honey.
Checker: Huh. When I tried one, my entire mouth swelled up.
Girl and I in near unison: Uh, I think that'd be an allergy.
Checker: Well, I thought it might be....but I wasn't sure...
Me: It tastes like burning!
Checker: No, more like "It tastes like suffering!"
Girl and I: *cackling*

All in all, just another fine moment in an overall spectacular day.


(and yes, I'm a bad man. I think I got the girl hooked on Doctor Who. I'm ok with that.)

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