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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jury Duty

via kottke.org, this link from The Chicago Tribune....

I really can't decide, which makes for a better R. Kelly jury pool slip.

Exhibit A:

Please call my mom: When one juror failed to show up for service, deputies called his house and his mother answered. She told the court that she didn't know where her son was and that he hadn't been "right" since he was shot in the head a while back. The judge and attorneys agreed to let him off the hook.

Exhibit B:

I blame R. Kelly for Sept. 11: When the judge asked one prospective juror about his feelings regarding Kelly, he cryptically answered: "R. Kelly may have led the Taliban in attacking us on 9-11, but you can't prove it." You're right, we can't. In fact, we're fairly certain that no one has ever tried.

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Reg Broadchest said...

Exhibit B is the best thing I've ever heard anyone say to get out of jury duty.