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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oh, the move.

Today was not a good day. I guess it wasn't a bad day, either. But it was definitely a rough day.

Woke up, went to work. Worked. (crazy, no?) Had lunch. Worked some more. About 1:30 in the afternoon, get a phone call on my cell. Look at the caller ID, recognize the number as the people I'd put in a reservation for professional moving services. It was my mostly helpful moving consultant confirming my "appointment" for Saturday, May 31st at 8am. Confirmed the two addresses, confirmed the time, all was good. Hooray.

(as a bit of a flashback, I'd called to confirm myself a couple days ago, Thursday, I think. I've had a bad feeling about this. She confirmed that everything was set to go. A few hours later, I get a phone call from them. Not my usual moving consultant, some other guy. Same caller ID, though. Asked if I could reschedule for Sunday. Worried about my deadline for getting out, declined. Asked if I could reschedule for Friday. Explained that I had to be at work, and I had made the reservation weeks ago on a Saturday for exactly that reason. Asked if I could do it that afternoon (note that this was at 3pm, and let's pretend that their 6-hour minimum charge wasn't a novelty, after all this packing and whatnot, I wasn't going to drop everything at work to hurry back to an apartment not ready for movers and still end up moving many things myself.). Explained that I was currently at work, and it wouldn't be possible. He then said "Ok, we'll stick with your scheduled appointment, then.")

As I was about to hang up from my official confirmation from my helpful moving consultant, she asked "Is there any chance you can reschedule it for Saturday afternoon?" I explained that I _had_ to be out on Sunday, so I'd rather not cut it any closer than I already was. She said "Oh, that's fine then." *bad vibes*

2:45. They call back. I think it was the guy that had tried to get me to reschedule the day before. Tells me they can't make it. Says the truck is "stuck" I ask if they were mistaken when they'd called me an hour before confirming the scheduled appointment. He tells me that they've got two trucks, one is full, and the other's in the shop with a bad transmission. I resist some more, but he ain't budging.

So I guess I'm moving Sunday, instead.

I'm on the edge of panic. All I've got right now is their loose promise that they'll show up at 8am on Sunday.

This new promise scares the hell out of me considering how well their official process worked.

(another flashback. Earlier in the week I was telling a cow-orker that I was freaking out that something was going to go horribly awry with this move. After I got off the phone and went over to tell her that I needed to take off and go start looking for some fallback options, she was laughing and said "Yeah, you sounded really unhappy when you were yelling at that guy, but it's exactly what you feared." (I don't think said cow-orker was mocking me, sort of a sympathetic laugh at the absurdity, and for the record, I don't think I was yelling.) Said "Yeah. I gotta go. Don't be surprised if I'm not in on Monday.")

On the brighter side, my friend (and reformed cow-orker) helped the girl and I out getting my fridge out of my place. It's going to a good home at the girl's place and replacing the great white whale that is the energy-leech they've been using.

Kinda funny when a 20-year-old refrigerator is still mostly better than another of the same vintage.

She paid me exactly what I paid for it. Nothing.

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