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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh good.

Excellent. Someone is speaking out against the abomination

I saw this trailer and thought: Wow. So Disney really has resorted to meme bingo for their films. Can we capitalize on the perceived popularity of Latino culture? Can we tie in the Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/Nicole Ritchie/Whatever angle? Can we market it like an action/adventure flick?

So while I get the next bits of collaborative project together, here's an easy one:

Think up two unlikely popular memes and dream up a genre pic they could be marketed as. Leave 'em in the comments, or even better, explain the concept as you see it on your space, leave a comment pointing back to your entry, and I'll link back to you.

Mine: Lolcats vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas. A love story: Illiterate felines with awkward jokes find themselves infatuated with both Pirates and Ninjas in a feel-good romantic comedy and their love triangle.



Reg Broadchest said...

The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, The Movie: Zach and Cody in Dubai

Precocious youngsters Zach and Cody are at it again! A visiting Saudi Prince purchases the twins' cabaret singing mother, and moves the family to his new 6-star 300 story mega-resort in the oil rich Arab Emirate. Can the boys negotiate the strict tenants of Muslim law without losing any appendages? It'll be 60 lashes of laughter on this wild ride!

Reg Broadchest said...

The Jesus and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Chain Gang

It's a case of mistaken INDEMNITY for these two when the girls think they can get away with playing "The Most Dangerous Game" just because they are in Myanmar. They find out that murder for sport is still murder, even under junta law! It's off to the work-farm to await execution for these two starlets. After a sincere prayer vigil Our Lord helps the girls break rocks, and hard prison guard hearts, in a romantic comedy for the ages.

Anonymous said...

Underwhere?! The Great Thong Boxer Rebellion

Deep in the fashionable New York sewer system, Victoria's Secret Police battle for the right to show your underwear in a Neil Gaiman-esque steampunk distopian thriller. Helping them are White Boys Who Show Their Boxers So They Can Have Help Pretending To Be 'Gansta'. This movie comes with alligators.